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House Edges and Roulette Strategy

The house edge matters when you are playing roulette. If you have a negative house edge then it is to your advantage as a player. When all is said and done, a game with a low house advantage makes it easier for you to win. European roulette has developed a low house edge by virtue of the fact that it has fewer holes than its American counterpart. Logic would suggest that this sort of game would be your first choice. The European version has a house advantage of 2.63%. This is nearly half the house advantage of 5.26% that you see in the American games. Any rational player would make a decision based on these figures alone.

Reasoning behind house edge rules

The presence of an extra zero means that you have more choices to lose. If you have few slots to select from then the risk is not as high as having numerous slots where you can make the wrong choice. If we are to take this strict interpretation then American roulette would be suffering from a lack of players. However that is not the case. Many people are happy to play American roulette. One of the reasons for this rather irrational decision is the fact that they are patriotic about the origins of the game. The fact that the game originated in America gives them some leeway. They feel that it is in their best interests to promote the merits of the game instead of playing to the safest options.

House Edges and Roulette Strategy

Of course patriotism is never a rational thing. On the other hand you might want to experience a variety of games. Thus you will play European roulette and contrast it with American roulette. The experience that you get will be worth the risks that you are taking when you select a version that is less likely to lead to a win. When you look at the variations in house advantage, some players will be willing to take the risk on them. They feel that such a structure is not restrictive and they can actually attempt to win the game even when the odds are stacked up against them. It is this sort of variation that you need to look at in the different contexts.

Choose European roulette

If you select the safe option of European roulette, it is important that you follow some fairly basic rules. In the beginning you will need to look at the "La Partage" rule or "En Prison" rules. They are one of the ways in which you can decrease the house advantage even further. That means that you will be on a run when it comes to securing competitive advantage. You will be able to play the game coherently and consistently. That is a recipe that can make you successful in the long run. It can also improve your chances of winning. You will need to develop a pattern that opens up the opportunities that you have to win the game regardless of the house advantage.

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